Arnaud Sprimont (BE)

main solo expo 


Dec 4, 2016 - Jan 22, 2017

/ Statement / Microbiota


With this brand new series, Arnaud Sprimont pursuits a li!le more the questioning on the basis of his creative research. Supported both by a scientific and empirical observation of the cells and pa!erns of the living, he walks up and down an invisible and frightening universe, where the strong ties that exist between human being and nature reveal themselves.

It’s precisely the exploration of this creeping network that’s at the heart of his approach and of his will to define himself, in nature and in harmony with it, as microbiotes living in symbiosis with their host.


Initially, Arnaud Sprimont, draws his raw material within nature. From elements harvested during his peregrinations, he generates a new alphabet of the living that’ll be the basis of a grammar intended to spin his own mankind. This opens the way to a hybridisation work : a construction is achieved from multiple elements creating a kind of a new biological makeup, fully fantastic and with baroque appearance, such as a crossbreed of improbable species. His interpretation of the material eventually tends to dematerialise the shapes so that they become a representation of his own universe. Their white appearance, neutral, and close to a scientific picture, approach as close to the final shape to capture their reliefs and shadows.


The items of Arnaud Sprimont reveal as an extension in the most secret and infathomable of the human body through a will of defining his true nature in all his boundlessness.

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