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Dear All,

Yesterday evening, the Belgian government has announced drastic measures to try and prevent the Coronavirus from spreading.

Schools need to suspend their courses, restaurants and bars have to close their doors and public events - small or big - can no longer take place and this until April 3.
The gallery will remain closed until then.

As you know we recently decided to relocate our MJW presentation to Galerie beyond in Antwerp. We then joined a happening named Antwerp Jewellery Event uniting our gallery with the 3 Belgian jewellery programmes (Royal Academy of Fine Arts and Sint Lucas in Antwerp and PXLMAD in Hasselt) and the expo Something old something new by Wieke Aerts.

With a heavy heart we are forced to cancel next weekend’s presentation and cannot join the Antwerp Jewellery Event.
We remain positive and are already looking forward to better times and fresh ideas for a new presentation in the near future.

Stay healthy and think creative!

With warm regards,
René and Karin
/ galerie beyond



/ ​​Highlighted artists

  Nicole Beck

  Lin Cheung

  Emma Gregory

  Melanie Isverding

  Karin Johansson

  Julia Maria Künnap

  Helfried Kodré

  Niklas Link

  Christian Matzner

  Marc Monzo

  Additional Jewellery by

  Alejandra Solar

  Alexander Blank

  Jiro Kamata

  Marcus Biesecke

  Patricia Domingues

  Florian Milker

  Hansel tai

  Gésine Hackenberg

  Helen Friesacher

  Jelizaveta Suska

  Victor Darmont


/ Selelected by

  Christian Hoedl

  René Darmont

  Karin De Buysere

  Galerie beyond