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Mielle Harvey (US)



Jelizaveta Suska (LV-SE)


Alejandra Solar (MX-LU)

Oct 22 - Prolonged to Dec 9, 2017. 


Statement : Moments of Sky


I use art to emotionally express the tension I feel between life, mortality and the fragility of existence. Across each artistic medium, nature, with its beauty and harsh realities, provides the inspiration for my work. By combining elements and sometimes materials which both attract and repulse, I aim to challenge the viewer to question the traditional values associated with beauty and adornment.

Mielle Harvey

Statement : Frozen Moment / The Night

You have probably heard of the fairytale Thumbelina written by Hans Christian Andersen. When I was a child I imagined myself being as tiny as her, the gigantic world seemed to me to be more beautiful and full of tempting adventures. I still think that, sometimes.

It's striking where our imagination can take us. When I work on my jewelry I aim to be a demiurge, to create my own new world. At times, I craft my works so that if I were to become tiny and drop onto my jewelry, I would see a marvelous landscape. Such associations, are for me a vessel that transfer ideas to the material.

Frozen Moment - The Night

I’ve always been fascinated by the ambiance that you can sense in any space that is entered. Similarly to shinto – the indigenous religion of Japan, where many objects have their own spiritual essence. I would call it a ghost. Frozen Moment – The Night pieces are a lot about concept of what memory is leaving us with or of a moment in time. While making Night edition I was also thinking about feeling that night gives to me: it's cold, dark and full of mystery and fears. I was looking for materialization of these abstract matters. I based it on associations and feelings. After a period of research, I came up with my own material, that the pieces are made of. This

material has two main compounds: polymer, that is lightweight and gives color, just like 'a moment' leavesimpression and magma sand, that creates an illusion of a solid stone – material that I strongly associate with concept of memory. In my work, I use a lot of colour that is expression of another spectrum, spectrum of emotions. The Night edition is characterized by black mixed with dark shades of blue, red and yellow. I am using same techniques and approach as I designed earlier at the same time expanding and exploring more. In the beginning of crafting each piece, material is hot and dynamic but in a while it turns still. Like another

metaphor of a moment becoming a memory. When looking at my works, people often are saying that they look

like ice, unknown minerals or minuscule surreal landscapes. I question traditional approaches and instead of valuable jewels I celebrate the idea behind the material. That's why for the rear of the brooches and other supporting details I use valuable metals like gold and titanium.

All brooches are unique.

Jelizaveta Suska


Statement : Aire Negro


I gather images from the mundane and then select some characters, landscapes and objects to become part of a different story in an imaginary world. By placing these elements in a new context, altering and playing with

them, I find surprising and unexpected connections between them and their new environment. Then, the stories start over and the ordinary and familiar become uncanny and strange, themes of mystery, nostalgia, fiction, silence and death emerge and become great sources of inspiration.

Black and white photographic fragments are placed onto rock crystal, jade, agate, quartz and other stones. I often work with transparent gemstones to talk about the fragility of life. The examination of topics such as loneliness, melancholia, magic, and fear are reflected within my work, while other important sources of inspiration are my Mexican roots, memories and experiences.

The process of working with stones and the selection of images is parallel, while I am cutting and carving I search for a connection between the stone and the photographic fragments. I see my pieces as a reflection of thoughts that are floating in my mind; while

I picture some stories, my work emerges organically, and intuitively, and my process does not have a formal narrative.


Alejandra Solar