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/ TOPIC # Jewellery interactions


When: Saturday, 18-11, 2017 - 11 am – 1 pm

  Address: San Seriffe, Sint Annenstraat 30, Amsterdam Netherlands

/ Jewellery Interactions we will be working together with Carolina Apolonia, Karin Roy Andersson, Mielle Harvey, Paul Adie, Timothy Veske-McMahon, Florian Milker and Tine De Ruysser! Come and join us in (re-)discovering and discussing their pieces seen from various perspectives: the artists themselves, as well as the wearer, viewer, buyer, curator, galerist, ...


Timothy Veske-McMahon & Tine De Ruysser, will be present to join us for our third Round Table!


/ Statement - Round Table #3 / Jewellery interactions

How are jewellery pieces experienced?

Does the artist’s intention coincide with how wearers and collectors show and

use their jewellery?

How can dialogues between makers, pieces and their (potential) owners be

triggered and developed?

A piece of jewellery should not be considered a complete and invariable

object after it leaves its maker’s hands - its adventure has only just begun! -

since jewellery takes on meaning as it becomes part of the wearer’s life and is

carried into various contexts.

In 'Round Table #3: interacting jewellery' we invite you to join us in exploring

ways of activating jewellery.

Round Tables are group conversations about contemporary art jewellery

organised by Galerie Beyond and Anneleen Swillen.

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