/ Down the Rabbit Hole

/ Dabin Lee (KR-BE) 


/ Nov 23 - 26, 2017

/ Statement : Down the Rabbit Hole

Animal testing happens daily within the 'cosmetics industry' for the sake of beauty.

Dabin chose for her Ma collection the rabbit as her main subject, as it has become

synonymous with cosmetics animal testing as well as an image on cruelty-free labelling.

The rabbits endure untold suffering for the beauty industry and this will be the main feature

through her collection.

Shehas been researching different techniques around the process of 'tufting'. She adapts the

technique to become a more meaningful and slightly unexpected feeling when touching it.

Instead of tufting with the usual materials such as wool, her brooches are made with thin

metal wire. The cold and hard characteristics of metal are hidden by the visual soft fur-like


The work becomes deceiving to the spectator. The bright, humorous, colourful fur pieces are

based on her drawings that portray the daily reality of the tests done on rabbits causing eye

reddening, swelling, ulceration, even blindness, skin cracking and bleeding.


Dabin Lee

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