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/ Visit Joya Barcelona October 4,5 and 6, 2018


/ Meeting with the French-Belgian artist Lodie Kardouss.

Lodie Kardouss won the Joya Prize during the Athens Jewelry Week 2018 last May.

  This award was given to her by Paulo Ribeiro and consisted In inviting her to perform

  her work "curiosity" during Joya Barcelona as part of the selected artists.


  Lodie is a French/Belgian artist who combines performing arts and jewellery making. 

  Jewelry and dance share common properties like body perception, organisation of space and time and the           articulation of craftmanship. In her work she tries tounderstand our definition of jewellery and how it                 communicates by combining these two disciplines.

  During our Round Table #4 event she did an interesting performance on the topic  ‘performing jewellery’.           During her performance she investigated the relationship between jewellery, the body and movement.

/ Statement : 

Curiosity is a proposal that unfolds around jewelry through performances and photographs.

Due to the ephemeral and destroyable nature of its structure, each piece composing Curiosity needs to be re-enacted whenever it is exhibited.

The relationship between body and jewelry emanates out of actions that enable me to reproduce each piece as it was originally created.

The piece of jewelry is the result of a performative act; the photograph is both the matrix that allows its faithful re-enactment and its tangible memory.

I propose jewelry that embodies reflexion and contemplation in response to our productive society of commercialism, hyper consumption and fast paced living.

Curiosity wants to transcend the marketable object by going beyond direct body ornamentation and by proposing a journey into the mental and emotional spaces of the observer.

Jewelry takes the quality of performing art. These artefacts invite us to live an experience, one that can change our perception of the world, one that can move us on our way.

Text by Lodie Kardouss