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/ INTERLINKED by Sophia de Groot ( Kask Master graduate)

I am a digital craftsman who unites technology, craftmanship and art by creating unique combinations of chain pieces. In my designs I cross multiple disciplines by making 3D printed stainless steel links, assembling them in a repetitive way by hand and later on connecting them by laserwelding. Every piece starts with one little element and together becomes a whole. 
My research brought me to an interesting discovery. With every project you do, you will face a couple of walls, problems to which you don’t find an immediate solution. And for me this was not different, I was facing some obstacles during my work process. But the beautiful thing with the digital world is that everyone is connected and wants to help in making solutions for the problems you’re facing. 
So because of my jewellery I was on- and offline in connection with many different people around the globe who all contributed in some way in my work. Everyone being elements connected, like a chain. 
The human body is always in motion, walking, dancing, breathing and even when we try to be as still as possible, the tiniest movements are made. Jewellery is affected by the movement of the wearer and vice versa. 
In my research I am exploring movement within the limitation of one material and its possibilities within one autonomous piece. I am searching for a way to create fluidity in one continuous shape. One form of jewellery that embodies these properties is chain. 
Chain is an universal ornament, which has travelled through the history of jewellery, materials and techniques. From distant cultures in Mesopotamia to recent countercultures of the 70’s worn by all genders. 
In my work I consider the links of a chain and the way they are connected as a thing-in-itself and not just as a support for other jewellery. The chain and its repetitive connection as the main subject in the jewellery piece.


Text by Sophia de Groot 

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