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/ Winter garden


/ event beyondfashion3m2projectroom 

/  Jan 26 – Mar 11, 2017

 / Statement Winter Garden

“What was the ‘invention’ of the show window of today? The erection of a plate of glass between the merchandise and the passerby.” (Frederick Kiesler, 1930)

Winter Garden is an urge to reflect upon ‘the screen’ as a presentation format for jewelry. This ‘screen’ refers to shop- and show windows (‘window display’), as well as to our laptops, smartphones and tablets (‘display(s)’); today’s ‘windows to the world’, through which we are constantly gazing, and that act as filters that influence our perception and experience.

Winter Garden, as a metaphor for growth and development, is a research into the potential these ‘24/7 windows’ as presentation formats that focus on process rather than product, on medium rather than result, on experiment

rather than solution and on exercise rather than outcome.

Starting from this point of view, Anneleen Swillen will create a window display experiment in Beyond Fashion 3m2 Project Room which will be in continuous development during the entire duration of the project.